Use a transparent and secure public blockchain
with no native cryptocurrency

The world's only public blockchain with no cryptocurrency, InfraBlockchain, has proven
its usability through the blockchain-based vaccine passport COOV,
which has more than 43 million users and successfully brought in participation from
government agencies and large corporations.

Why Blockchain

Securely and transparently
manage data,
while protecting privacy

Traditionally, personal data were stored on a centralized server,
which not only carried a risk of such information getting leaked but also
allowed the service providers to collect and monetize them.

Traditional way of storing data on a centralized server

Individuals should be able to not only own their data
to protect their privacy, but also monetize or utilize their data.
Unfortunately, if data is stored locally on their devices instead of
on a centralized server, their authenticity cannot be guaranteed.

Such fraud risk is the reason why the use of blockchain,
which allows anyone to directly verify the authenticity of data,
is required during a centralized-server-less data exchange.

Individuals own data and validate it using blockchain
Why InfraBlockchain

InfraBlockchain is the only viable choice for government agencies and businesses to adopt, because of its proven security and perfoamce through COOV, as well as its unique design to not use a volatile native cryptocurrency to pay for blockchain transaction fees.

A public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency

A public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency

Individuals and institutions can use blockchain without using any native cryptocurrency with high price volatility to pay for fees.

Proven processing speed and scalability

Proven processing speed and scalability

COOV, the designated blockchain vaccine passport of South Korea, used InfraBlockchain to achieve fast processing speed and process large volume of transactions.

Convenience and significant cost savings

Convenience and significant cost savings

We provide standardized products such as blockchain nodes, APIs, SDKs, and smart contracts, that are necessary for application development.

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