Blockchain as an Infrastructure

Use a Transparent and Secure
Public Blockchain without Cryptocurrency

Use a Transparent and Secure Public Blockchain without Cryptocurrency

The world's only public blockchain without cryptocurrency, InfraBlockchain, has proven its capacity and usability through the blockchain-based vaccine passport COOV, which has more than 43 million users and successfully brought in participation from government agencies and large corporations.

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Enterprise Multi-Blockchain Network without Cryptocurrency

Government agencies and enterprises can build and operate blockchains specialized for various services in parallel. Each blockchain is connected to the Infra Relay Chain, which serves as a hub between different blockchains, and interoperates with other blockchains to achieve extreme scalability.

Infra Relay Chain is a public blockchain without cryptocurrency. Infra Relay Chain enables government agencies and trusted companies to participate in the blockchain ecosystem, thanks to the Proof-of-Transaction(PoT) consensus mechanism. InfraBlockchain technology empowers the implementation of InfraBlockspace, a multi-blockchain network that can encompass various blockchains.

Federated Multi-Blockchain

Individual Multi-Blockchains ecosystems can be interlinked to establish a more extensive system. This network eventually scales into a Federated Multi-Blockchain structure where numerous multi-chains are interconnected.

Current Challenges

Challenges with
Current Blockchain Technology

Issues with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are used as transaction fees for using public blockchains. To utilize public blockchains, blockchain service providers and users must acquire and spend cryptocurrency from exchanges. The significant price volatility of these cryptocurrencies and regulatory constraints complicate accounting practices for companies. Consequently, government entities and businesses face challenges when trying to adopt cryptocurrency-based public blockchains.

Limitations of Private Blockchains

A private blockchain is a restricted system operated exclusively by authorized participants. While organizations and businesses that struggle with adopting public blockchains have considered private alternatives, they often confront security issues. Given their limited participant involvement, private blockchains tend to offer lower security and struggle to ensure trust. Their closed-off structure makes it tough to onboard a large number of network participants and users, leading to heightened costs when attempting to scale the blockchain network.

Shortcomings of Single Blockchains

Most established blockchain networks function based on solitary, independent protocols. However, these singular blockchain networks(mainnets) have inherent limitations in processing speed and capacity. This makes operating a global-scale blockchain service using only one blockchain quite challenging. Interoperability becomes particularly problematic between multiple blockchain applications constructed with different protocols and cryptocurrencies.

Solution : InfraBlockchain

InfraBlockchain :
Crypto-less Public Multi-Blockchain Technology

Why InfraBlockchain?

Constructed in partnership with government agencies and multinational corporations, drawing parallels to the frameworks of electricity grids and road networks, InfraBlockchain is designed as a blockchain network for societal infrastructure. Not only government entities and businesses, but essentially everyone will benefit from it. This technology enables the construction of highly scalable multi-blockchain networks, interoperable under a singular protocol, and the realization of large-scale global blockchain services, all without issuing cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency-less Blockchain Network

Trusted entities such as government agencies and companies can actively participate in the blockchain network, establishing a public infrastructure-oriented blockchain ecosystem without cryptocurrency. The transaction fees required for the operation of these public blockchains can be covered using Stable Tokens, backed by legal currency guaranteed by these trusted entities. Moreover, through consensus agreements within the blockchain network, certain trusted service providers and users can access and utilize the blockchain without incurring transaction fees.


Public Blockchain Technology

A public blockchain should be accessible to all and must enable the election of representative groups, known as validators, with the rights to create blocks and partake in network decision-making. InfraBlockchain uses a unique Proof-of-Transaction consensus algorithm. This method utilizes blockchain transactions as votes, allowing credible service providers to be chosen as representatives. Such an approach facilitates the creation of a public blockchain where anyone can participate under fair and reasonable terms, without the need for using cryptocurrency.


Multi-Blockchain Technology

InfraBlockchain shows remarkable scalability and interoperability by interlinking multiple service blockchains that run concurrently. These are tethered to the Infra Relay Chain, which functions as a hub among blockchains. This multi-blockchain technique transcends the constraints of traditional single blockchains, paving the way for substantial global expansions. Participants from diverse industries and geographies can convene to set up their distinct independent Multi-Blockchain Networks. This offers limitless scalability that morphs into a Federated Multi-Blockchain structure.

Large-Scale Blockchain
Operation Reference : COOV

Proven Track Record of Large-Scale Service Operations

The technical prowess and ability of InfraBlockchain to handle large-scale traffic is evident from its application in COOV, a blockchain-based vaccine pass utilized by over 43 million people.

About COOV

Comparison of the Number of Daily Transactions
between Global Blockchain Services and COOV
Comparison of the number of daily transactions between global blockchain services and COOV

Daily Transaction


Number of Users


Source: DappRadar (23.09)

Daily Transaction


Number of Users



Identification, Wallet


of Users

누적 사용자 수




일일 트랜잭션 발생 수


*Source: DappRadar (23.09)

Explore InfraBlockchain Technology

Core Technology 1



Core Technology 2



블록체인 기반 클라우드 서비스

블록체인 기술을 통해, 클라우드 사용으로 인한 중요한 데이터의 해킹과 손실 가능성을 원천적으로 차단

블록체인 기반 클라우드 서비스

블록체인 기술을 통해, 클라우드 사용으로 인한 중요한 데이터의 해킹과 손실 가능성을 원천적으로 차단

블록체인 기반 클라우드 서비스

블록체인 기술을 통해, 클라우드 사용으로 인한 중요한 데이터의 해킹과 손실 가능성을 원천적으로 차단

의료 데이터 플랫폼

병원이 아닌 데이터 소유자 개인이 중심이 되어 본인의 의료 데이터를 저장, 제출, 거래할 수 있는 플랫폼

블록체인 칩

블록체인 ID가 탑재된 IC칩 기술을 활용한 정품 인증 및 데이터 관리 솔루션

Pet ID 시스템

블록체인 기술을 활용하여 반려견 ID 체계를 구축, 펫과 관련된 모든 데이터 소유 및 관리 가능한 시스템


블록체인을 통해 중앙서버 없이 사용자 간 직접 대화가 가능한 세계 최초의 블록체인 기반메신저 서비스

STO 플랫폼

InfraBlockchain을 기반으로 토큰 증권을 발급하고 관리하는 플랫폼을 구축할 수 있는 솔루션

부동산 거래 솔루션

전세사기를 방지하고 실시간 임대인 정보를 확인할 수 있는 부동산 안전 거래 SDK(Software Development Kit)

InfraBlockchain Projects

Blockchain Cloud

Leveraging blockchain technology, we proactively eliminate the potential risks of hacking and data loss associated with cloud usage.

Funds and Costs Tracking Platform

A platform designed to track and manage investments and expenditures on large-scale projects in real-time through the power of blockchain technology.

Blockchain ID System

A solution that facilitates the creation of a national ID system via mobile phones, negating the need for costly infrastructure like centralized servers and issuance facilities.

Medical Data Platform

A user-centric platform where individual data owners, rather than hospitals, can store, submit, and transact their personal medical data.

Blockchain Chip

A genuine authentication and data management solution utilizing IC chip patent technology integrated with blockchain ID.

Pet ID System

A blockchain-based comprehensive ID system for pets, notably for dogs, enables owners to have full ownership and management of their pet-related data.


Introducing the world's premier blockchain-based messaging service that safeguards user privacy by not storing conversations on centralized servers.

Security Token Platform

A robust solution for creating a platform to issue and manage tokenized securities, all built upon the foundations of InfraBlockchain.

Real Estate Transaction Solution

Real Estate Safety Transaction SDK designed to combat rental fraud, allowing for real-time verification of landlord credentials.

Connected Car

A pioneering blockchain-based vehicle remote control solution that facilitates direct communication with the vehicle, bypassing the need for intermediary servers.

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